Trips with a difference: Why should you choose a personal Andaman Holiday Tour Package

When it comes to vacation planning, we visualize including all the amazing things that are not only popular, but also off-beat – things that can allow us to create stories and memories we can take back with us.

Andaman Tours Package

While choosing a package holiday has its own charm (everything is planned and itinerary is set) it’s fun to add a level of personalization. It does not make you feel “cattle-herded” in the traditional sense.

Here is how you can plan your personal vacation to Andaman

Read extensively

Before you choose a package or tour agent, start by reading extensively on the spot on travel blogs, review sites and personal travel experiences. Andaman has much more than emerald blue waters and pristine beaches. From jungle paths to the island hopping opportunities find the ten best traditional and non-traditional things to do here. For example, a lot of people plan their stay at Havelock, but very few choose to stay overnight at Diglipur offering an exciting getaway to Ross and Smith Islands.

Andaman Tours Package

Chat with those who have been there

Reach an extended friend network or whatsapp group to connect with someone who has already been there. Ask about their best and better experiences and mark them up on your own. For example, an acquaintance even mentioned, to be on the first jetty to Ross Island allowed some great alone time before the crowd began to pour in.

Pick picture postcard places

While it’s great to schedule a personal tour, do not miss the obvious touristy things. For example, they look amazing colors corals under the water is a must have experience even for those who do not like to get their feet wet.

Chat with the experts

Travel experts like those at Andaman Holidays go that extra length to propose and plan according to the things that are important to you. For example, we have hand-made honeymoon packages that allow plenty of leisurely time packed with few activities.

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